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Congratulations to our agencies celebrating milestone anniversaries this month! Several agency owners shared their thoughts on their growth thus far and what these milestones mean to them.

“The past year has been an incredible learning experience for Brightway Insurance, The Thompson Agency. We had no agency experience in the industry prior to our partnership with Brightway. It has been a lot of work learning the basics of the business. We have learned that absolutely the only way to grow the business is through community involvement. We are now on a first-name basis with the mayor [of Rexburg, Idaho], the entire board of the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce, the Rexburg Kiwanis Club and almost all the banking and mortgage broker leaders in the area. Many are now our customers. We are excited to be able to provide competitive rates, quality coverage and peace of mind to our friends and neighbors!”—Mike, Mark and Erica Thompson (1 year with Brightway)

“Over the past five years, I’ve felt many different things as I grew my Brightway business. I’ve felt overwhelmed and frustrated at times, but grateful for the opportunity to learn and help my community with their insurance needs during this volatile time in our industry. Not only has Brightway given me the tools to better help my customers, it’s also given me a new career and the freedom to spend more time with my family.”—Laura LeBlanc (5 years with Brightway)

"I would like to thank my community and surrounding areas for supporting Brightway, The Dennis Gurley Agency for the past year. If it were not for my customers’ support, I would not be here. Striving to better serve my community with continuing insurance needs is my goal."—Dennis Gurley (1 year with Brightway)

“It’s been an honor to be a part of the Brightway culture and family. The entire Brightway team works as one sound, making it easy to be the forefront of our clients.” —Ryan Flagler (10 years with Brightway)

“It’s been rewarding to serve my community with customized insurance solutions while growing my own business over the past year. I look forward to our future growth!”—Franco Girem (1 year with Brightway)


One Brightway agency celebrating 15 years this month:

One Brightway agency celebrating 10 years this month:

One Brightway agency celebrating five years this month:

Five Brightway agencies celebrating one year this month:


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