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JACKSONVILLE, FLA. (Mar. 16, 2022) — Jumping 75 spots from last year, Brightway Insurance has been recognized by Franchise Direct on its Top 100 Global Franchises list for 2022. Brightway ranks No. 43 and is the only insurance franchise ranked in the Top 100.

“We’re extremely proud to be ranked as a top franchise by Franchise Direct,” said Mark Cantin, Brightway’s President and CEO. “This impressive jump in ranking is made possible by our franchisees strong customer relationships and the back-office support provided by our team members over the past year. We look forward to accelerating our growth in 2022 and enhancing our reputation as the most recognized insurance franchise in the country.”

Franchise Direct determines rankings based on information gathered from franchise disclosure documents, company submitted data, government filings and other published industry sources. Criteria for rankings include sales revenue, system size and growth during the past year.

Each of the Top 100 Global Franchises must also have a well-defined business identity, a clear business plan, a commitment to training and support, and the ability to innovate to keep up with changes in social and economic conditions.

Here is what some of Brightway’s agency owners had to say about franchising with Brightway.

“What I like about Brightway, in addition to all the carriers and coverage options I have access to, is the freedom I have. I appreciate the support from Brightway that allows me to manage my agency and my employees successfully,” said Sam Kassar, who owns Brightway Agencies in Bonita Springs and Naples, Florida.

“Brightway has done a really good job supporting us as we’ve grown, and we continue to be at the forefront of this unique model they’ve developed,” said Chris Schmidt, who owns Brightway Agencies in Pace, Florida and Harahan, Louisiana.

“There’s so much that I like about Brightway. Brightway does a lot for their agents and agency offices, and we don’t even see most of it. They really take the service side of the equation. That’s invaluable,” said Matthew Carlucci, Jr. who owns a Brightway Agency in Jacksonville, Florida.

Brightway’s low-risk, high-reward model equips people from a wide variety of backgrounds with the tools and resources to prosper. Nearly 500 insurance experts provide training and support in areas including customer service, technology, accounting, marketing, distribution and Business analytics.  In addition, Brightway handles carrier relations and appointments, as well as support with personnel hiring, licensing, onboarding, training and retention. The company’s signature after-the-sale service empowers franchisees to focus on new business sales and provides their customers the personalized service they deserve.

Those interested in becoming a Brightway franchise owner can complete this online form.

About Brightway Insurance

Established in 2008, Brightway grew to become one of the largest privately owned property/casualty insurance distribution companies in the U.S. with over 300 franchises in 32 states and over $900 million in annual premium. Recently, Brightway’s success led to a private equity investment that has infused the company with financial and human capital, and data and analytics access, to accelerate growth and deliver new and exciting market opportunities.

Brightway produces winning outcomes for franchisees and their customers by offering access to customized coverage solutions from a range of insurers paired with full back office and marketing support.  This winning model allows agents and producers to focus on addressing the needs of their customers to become trusted advisors and grow their business.


Consumers seeking a better insurance buying experience may visit; those interested in learning more about franchise ownership with Brightway can visit

For media inquiries, please contact Don Foley at 904-490-8649