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To those affected by the recent mudflows, fires, and other natural disasters, you’re in our thoughts. Reach out to us if you need any assistance or have any questions about your coverage.

While heavy rainfall commonly leads to flooding, it can also lead to mudflows and landslides. An important distinction to note: mudflows are not the same as mudslides. Mudflows occur when heavy rainfall creates what is essentially a river of mud. Mudslides occur when a mass of earth or rock moves downhill, propelled by gravity instead of water. Mudslides don’t typically seep into homes and are not covered by any policy. However, mudflows can be covered.

The following Q & A should help you determine what type of coverage you will need in these sorts of circumstances.

Q: Is there Home and Business insurance coverage for mudflows?

A: Yes. Mudflows are covered by flood insurance. Like flood, mudflow coverage is excluded from standard Homeowners and Business insurance policies.

Q: What about home or business insurance coverage for landslides? Is this also covered by Flood insurance?

A: Coverage for landslides is not included in Flood insurance. Landslides are considered “earth movement” events similar to earthquakes, so they are also excluded from standard Homeowners and Business insurance policies. However, you can buy “Difference in Conditions” policy, which typically offer all-in-one coverage for landslides, mudflows, earthquakes and floods.

Q: Would my earthquake insurance policy cover my home or business for landslides?

A: No. While earthquakes and landslides both involve earth movement, earthquake policies specifically cover quake-caused property damage, as the causes of the earth movements are different.

Q: Does my Auto insurance provide coverage for mudflow and landslides?

A: If you purchased the optional Comprehensive Coverage with your auto insurance policy, then yes! Under comprehensive insurance, flood and earthquake-caused damage to your car will also be covered.

*Information courtesy of the Insurance Information Institute

For media inquiries, please contact Don Foley at 904-490-8649