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Unit Lead of the Brightway’s Carrier Appointments team, Paige Adkins, explains what has kept her at Brightway for more than eight years.

When Paige Adkins started with Brightway in February 2013, she was looking for a career in a business environment. She began her career with Brightway as a Data Entry Specialist and fell in love with Brightway’s Core Values – Smart, Accountable and Trustworthy. The company was relatively small at the time, and Adkins was excited about growing her career with a company that showed great promise.

After only 90 days on the job, Adkins earned her first promotion to Downloads Specialist, where she worked for the next two years before an Administrative role opened up. She jumped at the opportunity to try something new. She really enjoyed the role and stayed in the position for two years.

After her time on the Administrative side of the house, Adkins wanted to try something new and challenging, so she applied for the Carrier Appointment Specialist role, and got the job. Adkins was successful in this role where she worked for the past four years until earning a promotion to Unit Lead of the Carrier Appointment team in March 2021. In the role she helps manage the team’s workload and with training other employees on the team.

Adkins, who earned recognition as Employee of the Quarter twice during the time she was in the Carrier Appointment Specialist position, shared insights about what a Carrier Appointment Specialist at Brightway does and what success looks like for a person in this role.

“A Carrier Appointment Specialist acts as a liaison between Brightway and all of our carrier partners. We establish appointments for new Agency Owners, help manage all of the existing appointments, help with credentialing the various carriers and manage a variety of other tasks.
“As a general rule of thumb, if there are any major changes with a carrier, such as website changes, login changes, expansion into additional states or they’re offering additional products, our team is involved.
“In this role, success means that you’re doing your best to secure appointments in a timely manner. You’re helping troubleshoot issues for various individuals within the organization in a timely manner. The quicker Agents can write new business and the quicker Home Office can perform their various tasks, the better.”

She added someone in the role should be a critical thinker, problem-solver and multi-tasker.

“They should also have a strong desire to work as part of a collaborative team,” she added.

She shared that knowing that her role plays an important part in the success of the organization keeps her motivated.

“It feels really good to know that the work I’m doing truly makes a difference,” she said.  

She added that she loves to take on new challenges and learn new things.

When asked why she has stayed at Brightway for so long, she said, “The career opportunities are great. I really enjoy working with the people on my team and the other teams that I work alongside.”
What asked what she would tell others starting out their careers at Brightway, she responded, “Never stop challenging yourself. Always go the extra mile. Ask for the extra projects. Offer to help your team members. And never be afraid to bring news ideas to the table because Brightway is all about innovating.”

Adkins shared that she has taken advantage of Brightway’s Tuition Assistance Program.

She concluded by saying, “Your career at Brightway will only go as far as you will allow it, so never stop challenging yourself.”

About Brightway Insurance
Founded in 2008, Brightway has since grown to 315 locations across 25 states serving customers in all 50 states. In 2021, the Jacksonville Business Journal named the company one of the Best Places to Work  and one of the Fastest Growing Companies in Northeast Florida for the past 13 years. Brightway also landed on the Inc. 5000 list for the 10th time in 2021. At Home Office, Brightway employees focus on delivering all-encompassing business support that empowers agents to sell more.

Brightway employees enjoy:

Most importantly, they enjoy a family based culture of inclusiveness where they can build positive, supportive relationships with co-workers, customers and agents.

Learn more about open positions at Brightway and starting a career with the company at

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