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Brightway Insurance Ranks Third on Yahoo! List of Top 20  Affordable Franchises with High Profits

Brightway Insurance Ranks Third on Yahoo! List of Top 20 Affordable Franchises with High Profits

With the American economy striving to grow stronger as 2023 begins to wind down, one national insurance agency distributor is among those leading the surge according to a new list by Yahoo! Finance.

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  • trees neighbors intersect Minimizing risk

    When trees and neighbors intersect: Minimizing your risk

    What do you do when a neighbor’s tree looms menacingly over your home, drops branches on your yard or simply topples on to your property?

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  • Driver Tracking Device Tips

    Driver Tracking Device Tips

    Brightway Agency Owner, Sarah Reiser, shares tips on how employing driver tracking technology can lead to big savings.

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  • Renters insurance your best friend

    In difficult times, Renters insurance is your best friend

    Renters insurance cannot be ignored, whether you’re a single millennial living on your own, a family of three or a retiree downsizing. Learn the five things every renter need to know.

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  • Gerald Peterkin insurance presentation Jacksonville University

    Brightway Agency Owner shares ins and outs of insurance with college students

    Brightway Agency Owner, Gerald Peterkin, shared insurance basics with students and faculty at Jacksonville University during a webinar presentation Nov. 9.

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  • Auto vs. Deer Agency Owner advice deer

    Auto vs. Deer: Brightway Agency Owner lends advice to drivers as deer activity rises

    Brightway Agency Owner, Rachel Davidson, explains the Auto coverage you need to protect yourself in the event of a deer collision.

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  • Understanding Earthquake insurance

    What if the “Big One” hits close to home? Understanding Earthquake insurance

    Hear the term “Big One,” and your thoughts might naturally go to California or the Pacific Northwest. However, one of the strongest recorded earthquakes in the lower 48 actually took place in America’s heartland.

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  • 5 things to know about Homeowners insurance

    5 things you need to know about Homeowners insurance

    Find out what the No. 1 insurance claim in Florida is and more.

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  • Kevin Feuser lower homeowners insurance premiums

    Agency Owner, Kevin Feuser, on how to lower your insurance premiums

    Brightway Agency Owner, Kevin Feuser, talks with Patricia Horwell of Florida Weekly about what homeowners can do to keep insurance costs down as rates rise across the Sunshine State.

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  • 6 factors driving Property insurance rates

    Six factors that drive Property insurance rates

    Understanding factors that affect Property insurance rates, choice and availability will help you make informed decisions up front so you don’t suffer from sticker-shock when it comes time to find coverage on the house you want to make your home.

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  • Jake Trimble Flood insurance map changes Pinellas County Florida

    Brightway’s Jake Trimble explains why getting Flood insurance ahead of flood map changes may be a good idea

    Agent, Jake Trimble, with Brightway, The Dittman Agency in Oldsmar, Florida, explains what homeowners can do now before the FEMA updates flood maps to ensure they have the best coverage and rates.

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